Essential Oil Bracelet Review – All Day Anxiety Relief

Cost: Average price is $10

Guarantee: This product has a 365-day money back or exchange guarantee

Directions for Buying: All the bracelets are going to work the same way and do the same thing, you just have to decide which style you like the best. Directly apply oils to lava rocks to use. I use these.

Included With Purchase:

4 Lava Rock Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelets

Small velvet bag for storage

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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The first time I saw these Essential Oil Diffuser bracelets was through an Instagram or Facebook ad. I was intrigued so I clicked on the link to learn a little more about what they were trying to sell.

I am always hesitant to purchase things directly from a sponsored ad, so I furthered my research on my favorite shopping website, Amazon. I am a huge believer in their “Best Seller” and “Amazon’s Choice” indications, I give them my full trust!

However, I chose this specific set of bracelets because I was particularly interested in the rose gold colored arrows.

I was super excited to get these bracelets because I struggle with moderate to severe anxiety throughout most of my days, and this was something that could remain on my person at all hours of the day.

Let me just tell you that for roughly 10 DOLLARS for 4 BRACELETS, I am EXTREMELY impressed. Not only did it keep my anxiety at ease throughout the day, but it is actually a super cute bracelet!

I love that it came with more than 1 bracelet so I can switch them out dependent on what oil I am currently in the mood for. While I am partial to my anxiety-relieving oil, I also enjoy a nice energy boosting oil if I’m feeling groggy or a relaxing oil around bedtime.


  • Extremely low cost for the quality and quantity
  • Easy and quick to use before heading out for the day
  • Cute design


  • Applying the essential oil’s can get a little messy

It is clear I am all for essential oil’s bracelet! If you are interested in trying something new or especially if you are already an essential oil user, these bracelets are a must-have!

If you or someone you know has tried these please share your experience and thoughts!



  • Maria

    Hello, wow, it’s great to know that this product exists! I am also a big fan of essential oil therapy and oils, this is probably very similar to aroma-pendants, but this is something new! Thanks for the link, it will be interesting to get this product and it can be a very good gift for someone)

  • Lori Marick

    I was diagnosed with anxiety many years ago and I take three different kinds of meds for it a day. I never knew that there was a product like this out there. I really did enjoy the read. as a WA community member I look forward to reading more of your writing. Thanks for this, I think I will be trying this product. I hate being on so much meds.

    • Kay

      Hi Lori! I completely understand your struggle as I have been on and off half a dozen different medications when one stopped working or starting giving me intolerable side effects.

      I really wish you the best to try these, they are so inexpensive it is definitely worth the try right!? You deserve relief.

  • Ivan Brozincevic

    Thanks for sharing your article. This could be a great gift for the upcoming holiday season. It looks good and it’s beneficial for anxiety relief. Great stuff. Thanks again.

  • Cathy

    I’ve been starting to use essential oils, but for my skin problems. I’m not sure if tea tree oil and frankincense are good for these bracelets. What do you recommend for anxiety? It’s a big issue for me too. I wonder about putting CBD oil on one? My curiosity is growing. Please give your recommendations. 😀

    • Kay

      Hi Cathy! That is an interesting question as I have never thought about using CBD oil with the bracelet! I would assume if it is a topical product, you would absolutely be able to use it with these bracelets!

      The oil I use for anxiety is actually called Anxiety and can be found in my “Essential Oils Review“! 🙂

  • Jeff

    I must say you have a beautiful website, you did a fantastic job with your review on the essential oil bracelet. I was wondering is this bracelet a good gift for either gender, do you think this would be too large for a very petite older lady such as my 80-year-old mother?


    • Kay

      Hi, Jeff!! Not at all! This bracelet is extremely light-weight so a petite person would have zero problems with it! I wouldn’t recommend buying this for a male unless he enjoys wearing bracelets already, it would depend on the person! 🙂

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