Essential Oils Review – Not Your Average Reaction

Cost: Between $12 to $24

Guarantee: These products have a 30-day return policy guaranteed through Amazon.

Directions for Buying: All essential oils definitely are not created equal, you will get what you pay for. However, I do believe there is a happy medium and I found it with this set of oils.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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I am going to start off by saying that this product is worth having simply because of the case the basic oils come in! I can’t tell you how many times I have purchased essential oils and lost them because I didn’t delegate a special place for them.

Anyway, I have to share these oils specifically because the effects they have produced are insane! I have tried many essential oil brands and none of them have compared to this. I am SO blessed to have gotten these as a birthday gift from my significant other this past August.

In order to get these raving results, I use a blend of these oils and pair them along with my lava rock essential oil bracelets so I can carry the scents with me wherever I go.


The blend I was extremely shocked by was an energy blend I created by combining Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lemon. The results were actually jaw-dropping and being someone with the level of anxiety I carry, I will not be combining those 3 oils again. The effects were too strong for my liking.

However, I am 100% satisfied with the Anxiety blend, and will purchase it again when I run out.

Blended to Perfection:

Anxiety orange, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, geranium.

Breathe– eucalyptus, tea tree, pine, lemon, laurel leaf, cardamon

Thief cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon


Mood– peppermint, sage, cardamom, ginger, fennel

Basic Oils Set

Lavender Oil: Soothe stress and anxiety while also moisturizing and protecting the skin from eczema, insect bites and irritation

Tea Tree Oil: Natural energy booster and revitalizer, tea tree also helps treat eczema and psoriasis

Peppermint Oil: Relieve headaches, migraines, sinus congestion, and indigestion

Eucalyptus Oil: Moisturizes hair, helps fight off cold and flu symptoms

Lemon Oil: Natural detoxifier, helps you relax, unwind, and reach deeper sleep. It can also help improve circulation and blood flow

Orange Oil: Revitalizes and tones the skin, also helps clean and clarify the mouth and gums


If you have any questions about these oils or the different blends, please feel free to share it below! I would love to hear of any other essential oil brands you love as well!

Thank you!



  • jessie

    These look awesome!! I was wondering, though, what is the thief one for? I like the blend in it so I was wondering if it was like for mood or sleep or something?

    • Kay

      This was my initial question too because it is a little unclear! I have found that people use it a lot for spice in different foods. However, the basic functionality from a health standpoint seems to be increased immune function and respiratory health! 🙂

  • Renea

    This is such a great article! Love Essential Oils and this is a wonderful price for the set on Amazon. Peppermint oil and lavender oil are my favorite. I want to try the Tea tree oil and lemon oil after reading this. Thank you!

  • Jane Mahlehle

    Hi Kay,
    I too love to treat myself to some well-deserved luxury when I need to. This is a great post! I want to try out some of them and I will get back with some feedback. Right now I feel I need a treat. It has been a stressful week at work. A girl needs to relax a little.
    Thanks, Kay!

  • Cathy

    Well, I traveled here from another article. It seems we both have issues with anxiety. I get a smidgen of money on Friday. I will come here and order this. If it doesn’t work I’m blaming you. 😉

  • Henderson

    This is very good stuff I must say. I like the fact that you could show us the blends that the essential oils are made up of. That’s very very cool in my opinion. I really do have to get an essential oil. I see the thief blend and I really like it. But I do not know so much about it. Would you mind familiarising me?

  • John

    Wow, they look so good and I think I will need to get one because I was told by a friend about the importance of essential oils but she also mentioned that there are some that are not so good so I should lookout to get the good ones. I see you have used this ones and can testify to their awesomeness. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kay

      Hi John! I know there are many products out there that are not 100% pure essential oils and those would be the ones I would try to avoid. However, as far as the thousands of different brands there are out there, I just got lucky I found some that worked for me! 

      If it fits within my budget and does the trick, I am satisfied! 🙂

  • Mark

    I’m going to have to get serious about trying these, because I have all sorts of issues they might be able to help me with. I know lots of people using essential oils and they all seem to swear by them, so they’re at least worth trying out. I have problems with sciatica, anxiety, insomnia, and low energy. At least four of the ones you’ve listed look like they could be of great benefit to me. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m bookmarking this page so I can return to it when I get paid.

    • Kay


      I am sorry to hear about the issues you are suffering from. I really hope that these oils can help you feel a sense of relief throughout your day and at night when you are trying to relax. As you said, it can’t hurt to try it out!

  • Stephanie

    Omg! Your experience has me so curious. If you don’t mind me asking, what we’re the effects you experienced when mixing all of these oils together? Also, besides the anxiety oil, what other would you recommend to someone who also suffers from several anxiety disorders? I have been carrying social anxiety for so long and honestly, I’m at the point that I honestly don’t know how to manage it. 

    • Kay

      Hi Stephanie! The only crazy experience I had was with the Energy blend. It felt as though I had so much internal energy that it was causing me to feel anxiety. 

      I really really like the anxiety blend listed above and I couldn’t be happier with it. I also really like eucalyptus and spearmint for anxiety relief 🙂 

  • R.J.

    Hey Kay, awesome article. Thanks for the info on the various oils, I think its awesome how there’s an oil that’ll do or cure pretty much anything like the Lemon Oil improves circulation and blood flow. I found the Eucalyptus Oil an interesting one as it wards off cold and flu symptoms. I’ve never heard of oils that prevent certain things or ailments but it is awesome and definitely worth a collection or collecting. Excellent job!

    • Kay

      Hi R.J.! Thanks for stopping by! I know it’s crazy to think that aromatherapy can have so many positive effects but the body and mind are truly astounding and there are so many things we can do to help our mental and physical health, I’m sure many things that we have yet to discover as well! 

  • Ropata

    Hi Kay, It’s really nice to read a review from somebody who has tried the product. I have adopted the use of essential oils, and tried many. I have noticed a difference in a few brands for the same concoction which leaves me to think that there must be manufacturers stretching the quality. ?

    I am really interested to compare this selection:) Thank for the helpful information.

    Regards Ropata

    • Kay

      Hello! I am sure there are many providers who are diluting the product to increase profit. I always try and find the oils that advertise as 100% pure.

  • Claudio

    I really want to start using essential oils that you show. So using this type of oils is not difficult. 

    Follow the instructions on the label, consult a health professional and learn how they work. 

    Some essential oils induce stimulating effects others are more calming.

     I will consult my trusted doctor first. 

    Thank you!

    • Kay

      Hi! Absolutely, that is super easy to use and completely safe! You can always check with your medical professional before using anything if you aren’t comfortable! 

  • Anthony Hu

    Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. I have a very stress job and feel I have mild anxiety. My doctor suggests to use anti-anxiety drug. I hesitantly follow my doctor’s advice and would like to try natural remedies first, but I never take time to do the investigation.

    Here comes your article. I particularly like the blend created by you. The blend is combined with Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lemon. These materials are coming with your purchase. It is easy to create the blend. I don’t understand why you say it is too strong. Is it so strong to anti-anxiety that you are happy too much? I am not afraid of over-happiness.

    It is kind of you sharing this wonderful recipe with us.

    • Kay

      Hi Anthony! The problem I had was actually with the energy blend, it gave me too much internal energy and gave me a bit of anxiety! It was a very strange feeling.

  • Anastazja

    I found this article interesting because my wife uses essential oils.  However, I have never seem this laid out like this.  It seems to me that she has a small heating element that she uses to heat the oil.  She says this causes it to infuse the air in the room.  Its in necessaru to heat all the oils for them to be effective.  Is there one oil that people use more than another or is that strictly personal preference.  I ask because I am  wondering if I should buy the set for my wife or just find out which she uses and buy that.  Great article. 

    • Kay

      I also have an essential oil diffuser if that’s what you’re referring to! I do enjoy using that one next to my bed! I also have bracelets that absorb the oils that can be worn around in public, which is super nice! I believe what oil to use is personal preference, but lavender is certainly a very popular one. 

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