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Anxiety is a demon I have battled with since a young age. We all have our battles and our reasons for them. For me, it strongly stems from growing up in a broken home. Being around the screaming and yelling, and years of verbal/mental abuse from a parent and then a boyfriend. As I aged, the toxic high school relationship dug my hole even deeper. I won’t bore you with the details, as that’s not what this site is about. No matter what your struggle may be or where it stems from, we all are looking for some relief, right!?



Over the years, I have DESPERATELY searched for ways to relieve the weight on my chest. I’m no psychologist, but I do understand what it’s like to feel constant pain, all day every day, and have no idea why and no way to control it.

Of course, we can go to our doctors and have them prescribe us dozens of different medications year after year when one after the other stops working (can I get an AMEN?), but what about when that’s not enough?

There has always been something relieving to me about a feeling of LUXURY. When I’m stressed or feeling overwhelmingly anxious, I LOVE to drown myself in a luxurious atmosphere. If I can bring that luxurious atmosphere to my own home, you know I’m all in!

I have spent countless hours Googling anxiety and stress relief methods and purchasing dozens of items that are supposed to aid with anxiety and stress. I’m not living in a fairy tale and I realize medication, therapy, meditation, etc. are all sometimes necessary. While there are many amazing blogs out there with a million great ideas, I have yet to find a truly “one-stop-shop” for the instant gratification I have searched for.

I’m not talking about some “home remedy” or herbal tea, I’m talking about actual items that will help you feel relaxed all while getting that retail therapy we all know and love!

So here you have it, a true one-stop-shop broke down into categories that match your personal needs and budget! If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.




Founder of Luxurious Anxiety Relief



  • Tracy

    Hi Kay! I’m so glad to meet you! This website is right up my alley. I have been struggling with alot lately, quite a few years actually. I have been on medication for entirely too long. I am always looking for better ways to relieve the stress that overwhelms me. Recently, I started using the essential oils in my home, they are truly soothing. I will definitely be back for some retail therapy! Thank you for sharing. Keep Smiling : )

    • Kay

      Thanks for stopping by, Tracy! I’m sorry to hear about your recent struggle but I am so happy to hear you are on your way to choosing happiness and more relaxed and healthy life for yourself! WELCOME! 🙂

      • Virendra

        I wish I had found this website when I was going through my anxiety disorder! Those days it felt like it was a non-existing disorder and that I was the only one having it! Therefore it’s great to see that more and more people are opening up about it and sharing their experiences!

  • Strahinja

    Thank you for having the courage to share this with us. I also have anxiety in certain situations, but I deal with it by becoming grounded in presence. By this I mean that I start to look around me and start becoming aware of objects, things, persons and situations around me.

    I also think that most of us have some sort of anxiety, although it might not look like that from the first look.

    I wish you a success and have a nice day.

  • derek wood

    Hi Kay, love your post and checked out some of the other content, you are doing awesome, we all need a little anxiety and stress relief now and then, some more than others but we all need it at some point. I have also heard that Hemp and CBD oil are good for this, will you be looking into this also. Great work keep it up.

    • Kay

      Thank you so much! I have just begun trying CBD products and have not yet found something that works for me but I always have an open mind to continue trying new things!

  • Daniel T.

    Indeed found some Luxurious Anxiety Relief with some great content. Truly remarkable story thanks for the openness to share your personal story. I can use some relief from time to time mostly work stress and anxieties and appreciate the research to finding something to try that works. Great and awesome work. Anxiously awaiting … well maybe not so anxious after visiting your site but well looking forward to reading your next article.

    Thanks for your research and development here.

  • Cathy

    I can relate to your pain. I won’t go into details, either, but part of my upbringing was being made to believe I’m not worthy of anything good or comforting. I love your website. I definitely feel this is a place to find comfort and great ideas. You’ve already taught me a lot. Thank you!

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