How To Relax At Home – Mind and Body Health Tips

I’m sure we can all agree a nice day at the spa, or a glass of wine surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere is enough to set us up for relaxation. When fitting a winery day into your schedule or budgeting for a spa day just isn’t possible, it’s absolutely necessary to learn How to Relax at Home.

Importance of Giving Yourself Time to Relax

So many of us discredit how important it is to learn How to Relax at Home. The health benefits of giving yourself just 15 minutes per day dedicated to relaxation would blow your mind. This is especially true for someone like me who has a history of overwhelming stress and anxiety.


Re-direct Your Mind to Relax

MIND OVER MATTERIt all sounds fine and dandy, right? But when we have a million things flying through our brains, how is it possible to just shut it all off? MIND OVER MATTER: the use of willpower to overcome physical problems. You have to choose this time for yourself, you have to choose to put yourself first. These are just a couple things I tell myself to re-direct my mind to relax at home:

  • Self-love and self-care is not selfish
  • We don’t feel exhausted because we are doing too much. We feel exhausted because we are doing too LITTLE of the things that make us feel alive


ArrowHow to Relax Your Mind

These are some ways I relax my mind at home, starting with a very powerful question:

    • What if the only things you had tomorrow were the things you expressed gratitude for today? Take time to pick out a notebook, and then take the time to write at least 5 things you are grateful for every single day. Choose the morning or night and dedicate 5 minutes to yourself and your gratitude journal. Asking yourself this question should make 5 additions to your gratitude journal simple, there are so many things to be thankful for and simply realizing that definitely bring a sense of relaxation over me.
    • Read a book. Pull that book off of the shelf you have been saying you were going to read for months. You may not have one, make time for yourself and go to a book store; if you can’t seem to get to the book store, research books online and purchase an e-book or audible book from the comfort of your home. Force yourself to read for 15 minutes every day at your designated relaxation time. The biggest perk of this for me is getting away from technology and social media, reading something that I chose to read and not something someone else chose for me on my timeline.
    • Spend more time with your animals. I understand this may not apply to everyone, but over 65% of the population has a pet in their home. Taking 10 minutes out of your day will not only give your pet a tremendous amount of joy, but it will be sure to leave you feeling great by increasing you feel-good chemicals. Spending time playing with your pet is proven to increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain and is sure to help you relax at home.

ArrowHow to Relax Your BodyMINDFULNESS

One of the most powerful meditation processes I have found in my years of striving for a stress-free life is by far one of the easiest. You can be laying in bed, sitting in a comfortable chair, or even laying on the floor. It may sound silly at first, but I promise you if you take it seriously and choose yourself and your relaxation at this moment, it may surprise you.

  1. Close your eyes and simply bring awareness to every part of your body.
  2. Start at your head or your toes, and work your way up or down. You don’t need to move unless it feels comforting to do so.
  3. Simply think of that area on your body and acknowledge it’s existence.
  4. Try to give each body part the time it deserves until you have reached the opposite end.
  5. End by taking 3 deep breath

This process may seem uncomfortable at first, but that is all a part of the process. You are learning How to Relax at Home and if you are not used to choosing yourself in your home environment, it may take time to become at one with your body and mind.



These Mind and Body Health Tips are all things I feel are extremely doable no matter what type of lifestyle you may live. Whether you work nights, weekends, or both; whether you have a baby at home or 5 kids of all ages; these practices should fit within your life, if you let them. It may take some time to find what technique brings you the most happiness and sense of relaxation. You may not find your routine for relaxing at home until you try a few different things, that’s okay! Be patient with yourself, you deserve it. Once you find what works for you, write down your commitment to yourself and read it out loud. Commit. You spend your life keeping promises to everyone around you, it’s time to give yourself that same level of respect.




  • Cathy

    Hello there! Wonderful advice. My cat, Marlon, would like to add a little something. Here he is, “Humans can be dumb. When a cat wants to be held and petted it will let you know. You don’t need to hunt us down and squish us. Trust me, when my head needs a massage I just rub my human’s computer or book out of the way, shove my head under her hand, and allow her to enjoy my magnificence until I’m good and finished.”
    Okay, not that he’s out of the way, I am trying to learn mindfulness meditation. It sure isn’t easy! Thanks for a wonderful read!

    • Kay

      I also have a cat and she very much so will let me know when she is ready for me to pet her!! Sometimes I selfishly go after her because I need her love and support LOL

    • Ed

      Thank you for this helpful tips. I sometimes take a deep breath only once, when I feel lack of air. But I will try 3 deep breath perhaps more great feelings.
      I Aso meditate is a great help.
      And yes I believe, that pet in the house can relieve stress, because it changes our mode into another nice feeling in that moment. I like cat and dog in my house it’s fun seeing them, when they playing makes me smile.

      • Kay

        I also have a cat and dog and it really does brighten my day to watch them play with each other (even though I think they really hate each other) LOL. It is great to hear that you practice meditation as it is SO beneficial. Thanks!

  • Natalie


    I loved what you said about exhaustion being due to not doing enough of what makes you feel alive-I’m going to remember that! I make time to do this now and it’s as much about me learning to love myself as it is about relaxation- there’s some great tunes I listen to e.g. whilst having a bubble bath or painting my nails, like lizzo- soulmate and thank you, next- Ariana Grande 🙂 great post, I really enjoyed reading this.

    • Kay

      Hi Natalie! That was really an eye-opener for me as well. I catch myself all of the time not doing enough of the things that make me feel alive because I get so stuck in my own little bubble. Thank you for the kind words!

  • Henderson

    Tips are totally awesome. I am especially going to try your tips for the body. Looks like a full on meditation process at home for me to do. I also have a pet that I really like and I am going to spend more time with it just like you have adviced here. Thank you for this awesome and relaxing post.

  • Nate Stone

    Hey Kay, 

    I’ve actually found expressing gratitude and thinking about what I’m grateful for to be  a great way to relax and reduce stress levels.

    I’ve tried a few different meditation methods over the years, the one that you’ve recommended does sound very simple though. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on! 

    Thanks for sharing!

  • John

    Great tips on how to relax my mind, soul and body at home. I have been making use of yoga through which can also be said to be a form of meditation like the one you described here on the ways to relax the mind. This is in fact very nice. I would take your tip on spending more time with our pets. That’s not something I do. Thanks!

    • Kay

      Thanks for sharing, John! It really is so important for us to spend time with our pets as they are only here for an even shorter amount of time than we are! 

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