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Statistics show the majority of workers feel stressed because of their jobs on a daily basis. I’m sure the majority of the majority are also interested in learning how to relieve stress from work. I am an extremely high-stress person when it comes to my personal life and accomplishments, but for some reason, stress at work is not an area I typically struggle with. These are all things I do on a regular basis that I’m sure are the reasons why:

Form positive relationships. I am definitely a keep to myself type of person when it comes to my job. However, I form general conversations and maintain a constantly positive vibe when I am in front of a co-worker. Maybe it’s my many years of bartending that formed my strong customer service mind sent, but try flipping the switch, act as though your co-workers are also your customers. You are there to serve each other by working together on a team.

Positive Relationships

Additionally, try to keep your personal life separate from your work life. After years of working together a friendship may form, but until it truly does, keep conversations that involve venting about your personal problems at a minimum. This will foster the positive relationships and work environment we are searching for.

Drop the idea that others expect you to be perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Seriously, drop it now. No, I am not saying that you should be proud when you make a mistake, but you definitely shouldn’t take it to heart or feel ashamed of yourself. Only God can judge you, honey.

One more thing, drop the unrealistic idea that everyone should agree all the time. Know and understand that it is impossible for everyone to be on the same page at all times. Accept that, and your patience levels will automatically increase

For the love of puppies and pickles and everything else worth loving, please never be the person saying “That is not my job”. Form the mindset you are simply a part of a team and throw out the idea or thought “That’s not my job”. Being 100% open and willing to help anyone and everyone (if your schedule allows) will automatically reduce your stress. Every job requires completing tasks that may not necessarily be in your job description and removing the negativity behind that will remove its power to stress you out!

Psst. I just have to elaborate. Nobody likes the negative Nancy walking around complaining that something isn’t their job. I highly doubt anyone who has ever been successful has ever looked back on their career and said: “Man, I really wish I hadn’t of helped my team out by completing those tasks that weren’t on my job description”. Being the flexible and easy to work with co-worker will always get you far.


Keep so much food at work that you don’t even know what to do with it. Okay, I’m being slightly dramatic, but I have an entire drawer in my desk that is solely dedicated to all of my food. Being stressed out at work is never fun, and it’s even less fun when you’re hangry. I’m not saying I keep bags of chips, cookies, and candy stashed away, there are plenty of health-conscious items you can buy that don’t need to be refrigerated (super important if you’re at one of those places where the janitor throws away your food or other people eat things that don’t belong to them).


Force yourself to take small breaks, GET UP. Even if you have to pretend you need to pee and walk all the way to the bathroom to sit on the toilet for 10 seconds, just do it. If you’re really feeling frisky, go for a 5-minute walk. The difference it makes on your work performance is insane, and will, in turn, cause you to be less stressed when you are being more productive.


Create and maintain an organization system. If you aren’t feeling creative or don’t know how to create a system to keep yourself organized, I’m sure there is another Google search you can do to help you out. The good thing about this is once you have your system, all you have to do is maintain it. Being organized is probably the number 1 factor in how to relieve stress from work.

Create a comfortable environment for yourself. I personally enjoy having a convertible standing desk. I love the flexibility to be able to stand when my legs or back begin to hurt, and sit back down when they also hurt from standing too long (I really need to hit the gym). Additionally, a chair can make all the difference if you are having aches and pains. Talk with your boss about getting a standing desk or new chair if this is something you’re interested in.

A lot of companies will provide these things if you ask, I have had to provide a doctors note in the past, but no biggy! Being comfortable at work could do wonders with the amount of stress you feel on a daily basis.

Healthy Food

Eat healthy and nutritious foods. Step number 1, STOP EATING LUNCH OUT. If you are really bad about this, give yourself one day a week to order lunch out. There is simply no reason for eating fast food every single day for lunch. Aside from the hole it burns in your pocket, if you bring healthier lunch options to work, you are going to have more energy and be much more productive work.


Sleep. This one is a no-brainer, lack of sleep increases stress levels. The more you sleep, the more energized you will be during the day to complete your tasks efficiently.


I’ve blabbed enough, I would love to hear your thoughts!

I’m interested to see if anyone has already tried any of these practices and had success, or tried them and hated them? What is your favorite thing to do to relieve stress from work?





  • Lisa Graham

    Hi Kaylee,
    I love this post! What great suggestions. As I was reading it, I was thinking…duh, why haven’t I been doing that?? I would be so much more productive if I took a breatk instead of just trying to get done!
    I also know that the work environment would be much more pleasant if everyone followed these ideas! Nothing gets my blood boiling more than the “It’s not my job” comment. Ugh!
    I think I will print these and put them in our breakroom.
    Thanks for an educational and uplifiting article!

  • Tim

    Great article, and you are right there is nothing more annoying than hearing “thats not my job”. And when you are about to the end of your rope there is nothing wrong with walking away and taking a bathroom break and come back calmer and ready go. I definitely need to work on going to bed earlier. Thanks for the good tips.

  • Jesse Lee

    Great post!
    You have provided a lot of useful tips to help reduce stress at work.
    Forming a positive relationship at work can be important and dropping the idea of being perfect is also a great tip too.
    Stress at work can become a debilitating problem but you have given a lot of easy to use tips to significantly reduce how much stress you are experiencing.
    Thanks for the helpful information!

  • Ivan Brozincevic

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic article full of great advice. Stress is natural for majority of people. It builds up and if not relieved it can do a lot of damage. I tend to get stressed from time to time, not too oftern but sometimes. I could use another skill in my anti-stress arsenal. I’ll remember to take breaks more often. Sometimes I tend to sit for hours without getting up. Thanks again for sharing your experience! Ivan

  • Sebastian

    What a thorough and informative post full of great advice.
    Seriously, I enjoy reading your post. Maybe it’s because I’ve often stressed at work myself because of the pressure.
    I will bookmark your site and come back to it from time to time. It is full of good ideas and tips to sweep away our stress on service. And even more, by following these tips, we could even avoid stress.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  • Sebastian

    What a thorough and informative post fulled with great advice.
    Seriously, I enjoy reading your post. Maybe it’s because I’ve often stressed at work myself because of the pressure.
    I will bookmark your site and come back to it from time to time. It is full of good ideas and tips to sweep away our stress on service. And even more, by following these tips, we could even avoid stress.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  • Basey

    If there is one thing i need to learn Kay is forcing myself to take small breaks. I have a problem of wanting to complete a particular task before i can stand up, for anything, even to eat. I even find myself with itchy sandy eyes because i want to FINISH something before taking a breather. I even find myself dancing on my chair cos im pressed, need to pee but just cant bring myself to it before a particular point in my work.

    Thanks for the great article,ill definitely remember to practice your tips on a daily.

  • Dan

    You speak volumes here. I appreciate the insight here speaks to where I live right now. Stressful job alright I can relate. I like the practical advise. Expectations for work often put you in stress measuring up to the co-workers and most of all high standards that we make for ourselves we just need to be realistic with others expect we all make mistakes and not all going to agree all the time these where my take aways on this discussion. I enjoyed reading this thanks for the reminders of what to do about reducing these work stresses. Good reference to come back to I’ll have to tag this one for revisit. Breaks are good as well in work place as well as good nutrition something I am aware of and working to do more all help with overall health and mental fitness. Again thanks for these helpful reminders.

  • Kay

    Thank you for taking the time to read! I really enjoyed writing this and it speaks volumes for me as well. I am glad I was able to adopt the mindset that we are not going to be perfect and no one should expect us to be very early in my career. I really hope that I can spread that message to others as well!

    I wish you luck implementing these practices in your weekly routine, you can do it!

  • Kiara

    This is such a great post Kaylee, thank-you for taking the time to write it! I am someone who definitely suffers from anxiety and find it very hard to switch off from.

    Totally agree that positive relationships with your co-workers play a huge part in lifting your stress & anxiety. Even if you only have one or two people you really trust, it’s more than enough to get you through the day.

    Having lots of food on hand is an awesome point too (one I always go for) so long as it isn’t super sugary foods as I find these make my anxiety MUCH worse.

    Kiara 🙂

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