How To Think Positive – Affirmations Vs. Afformations

This is an idea I recently came across while reading a peer’s blog about a month ago. I think we all can relate to feelings of being “stuck” with our negative thoughts and trying to retrain our brains to think positive. Once you figure out how to think positively in a way that works for you, it is a total game changer!

Changing your affirmations into afformations is just one way we can train our brains on how to think positive.



Affirmation: The act of confidently stating a fact to be true openly and publicly. Expressing emotional support or encouragement.

Afformation: Asking a positive question rather than making a positive statement (affirmation).

We are all guilty of lying to ourselves or trying to force ourselves to believe affirmations. The most relatable example that has stuck with me is working out. We would love to be able to say “I really like working out”, but at some point, there are times when we truly just don’t like doing it and we don’t want to do it.

I could say that affirmation out loud and then immediately my brain is thinking “no I don’t”. LOL

If we change that affirmation into a question and ask ourselves “Why do I like working out?”, our brain will begin to search for answers. Even if you don’t physically feel like working out right at that moment, I’m sure you can come up with some answers as to why you like working out. “Working out gives me energy, working out makes me feel more confident, working out makes me strong” are all positive thoughts that come to mind for me when I ask myself that question.

I haven’t worked out as a habit in almost a year and that simple question has positively influenced my mind into thinking about the reasons I truly do like to work out. At this point in my personal growth process, that is a great first step.

This is just an example of the many affirmations you may have. I have listed 20 affirmations and their paired afformations. Hopefully, something here flips a switch with you and allows you to see the difference a simple question can make.

You might not always “believe” the affirmation at this moment, but if you ask yourself the question, your brain will come up with the answers you need to get one step closer.



I love my job. Why do I love my job?
I am healthy. Why am I so healthy?
My mental health is strong. Why is my mental health so strong?
I am a strong leader. Why am I such a strong leader?
I love my friends Why do I love my friends?
I am losing weight. Why do I weigh 160 pounds now?
I love my family. Why do I love my family?
I like going to the gym. Why do I like going to the gym?
I deserve the best. Why do I deserve the best?
I am successful. Why am I successful?
I am in a healthy and loving relationship. Why is my relationship so healthy and loving?
I am beautiful. What makes me beautiful?
I am loved. Why am I so loved?
I am a great listener. Why am I a great listener?
I have a strong support system. Why do I have such a strong support system?
I take good care of myself. Why do I take good care of myself?
I love my pets. Why do I love my pets?
I am a great communicator. Why am I a great communicator?
I am open to love. Why do I let myself be open to love?
I take responsibility for my health. Why do I take responsibility for my health?


All of these afformations may not apply to you, but I hope at least some of them do. I would love to hear some of your affirmations vs afformations!

Leave me a comment with your favorite afformation from the above, or share with me your own personal afformation that I may not have listed here.

Thanks for stopping by!



  • Kelyee

    Wow, good point. I lied to myself all…the…time… Lol, I need to start asking myself, “why are you lying to yourself? Don’t you like you?” Of course, I do. (I think) yep, I do!

    Thanks for making me realize that I need to step back and revaluate my thinking. Awesome sauce! 🙂

  • Enrique

    Hi, Kay,

    I had never heard of afformation before, but it sounds interesting. The power of the mind is such that we don’t fully comprehend it.
    Your example about the gym made me laugh. I hate the gym with a passion, even though I know all the benefits you get from it. I’ll start asking myself different questions and seeing things from another perspective.

    Thank you for writing this up. I look forward to reading more about it.

  • Strahinja

    Wow, thank you for this. I never heard about afformations before. Seems to me like they are much more friendlier to our mind then affirmations. As you said, when we ask questions the mind starts searching for answers and possiblities which is much more useful then using an affirmation which are denied by our emotions.

    I will start using this concept starting from now.

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