Make Positive Changes In Your Life – Become a Better Friend and Person

So many of us are searching for ways to feel happier and have no idea where to begin. We are all waiting for something, anything, to happen that will automatically make us feel happier with the snap of a finger. Whether that is waiting for a relationship, waiting for a new job opportunity to come around, waiting to end a relationship, waiting for kids, marriage, a Big Mac from McDonalds, whatever!



I am going to tell you right now that if you continue to wait for that “one thing” to happen to make positive changes in your life and feel happier, you are going to be waiting a LONG ASS TIME.


There will always be something bigger and better to wait around for. Once you achieve one thing you will be waiting on the next thing, and the next.

Stop it! The time is forever and always going to be NOW.

These few things are so incredibly doable and I am confident you can do them with just a little willpower, effort and dedication.

Be NICE to people

Trust me, I am not the most friendly human in the world and I actually put serious effort into being nicer to people for no reason.

The reason why is that I understand what it feels like to be down and have friends or even strangers reach out to make sure I’m doing okay. One simple act of kindness from someone else can change your entire perspective.


The best advice I can give to really grab this practice by the balls is something none of you are going to want to hear LOL – start being nice to the telemarketers.


Telemarketer Call

I know you’re all thinking “yeah right, hard pass”, but look at it this way, if you can start being nice to those telemarketers you can be nice to ANYONE!

We all have to start somewhere, right?!

Side note: I’ve supervised a call center environment in the past, and believe me, they don’t want to be calling you any more than you want them calling you, but someone’s gotta do it. They’re just trying to earn their paycheck and probably feed a family at home just like the rest of us. Not everyone is blessed with education or opportunities outside of telemarketing, so do with that what you will.




Start making an effort to be friendly to the people checking out your groceries at Walmart or at the gas station. Ask them how their day is going, give them a nice compliment, just be nice to them!


You don’t have to ask them their life story, but those people work hard and they deserve someone to ask them how their day is going too. If you can turn around someone’s entire day or even week with just a few words, you should jump at the opportunity.

It seems so simple but it honestly is a habit that you have to form just like all the bad ones we try to break.

Be Nice to People

You all know how I feel about letting other people merge from my previous post about how to reduce stress while driving, but this is another great opportunity for being nice to people.


Wave at the people who let you merge, LET OTHER PEOPLE MERGE, wave at people who drive out in front of you on accident in an “it’s okay” manner rather than getting pissed off.


Don’t even play, we’ve all done it! This is especially beneficial for people who struggle with anxiety. A simple wave could cause them to feel less horrified and embarrassed that they almost just cut you off, and keep them from spending their entire day or evening being anxious about it.

That might sound ridiculous if you don’t experience anxiety daily, but trust me, it is a reality for many people.

Cut out toxic peopleCut Out Toxic People

I mean it, physically cut them out; they do not belong.

When you are bogged down with toxic people, it is impossible to make positive changes in your life.

Respecting yourself enough to remove toxic people from your life will not only result in a confidence boost and feeling a huge weight off your shoulders, but it will automatically bring a greater sense of appreciation for the friendships you have that are worth keeping.

Freeing up the energy you were wasting on toxic or one-sided friendships allows you to spend time supporting the friends who deserve to be in your life.

This brings me to my next point.


This is so SO important, and people forget how important it is. Your friends should be like your own personal cheerleaders, your #1 fans!


Make an effort to show support to your friends OFTEN.

  • Tell them you are proud of them. No matter how big or small their accomplishment is.
  • Tell them they look beautiful or handsome.
  • Tell them you are thankful to have them in your life.
  • Tell them you appreciate their friendship.


These may all be implied the majority of the time, but feeling the love and support around you is an amazing feeling.

My friends are one of the main things that make my life happy, and they deserve to hear that! It feels good to make other people feel good, so it’s a win-win!

If this is out of your comfort zone, slowly work your way out of that comfort zone. That zone sucks. That zone is not where happy people reside.

The Road to Becoming a Better Friend and Person


The reason I targeted only these few things is that they are all simple changes that we can all make right away. We all go in public and purchase things, we all interact with other humans every single day, and 99% of us are driving around to do those things.

Being nicer to other people is guaranteed to make you feel happier, that’s a promise.

If you are already doing these things or making conscious efforts to, kudos! You have already figured out how much happiness these simple changes can bring into your life.

If you see areas for improvement, that’s awesome too! You know it can only look up from here.





  • Millie

    I love this page, I like the set up and the pictures. This is totally something I believe in and more of us need to do it. Nice you don’t let yourself off the hook either. Like the straight up honest speaking. Good luck with your future endeavors on WA, I am totally sure you will be successful.

  • Michael

    Awesome tips!
    I admit I sometimes fall into the trap of waiting for the next big thing instead of focusing on the NOW, and this is a big mistake, since ‘the next big thing’ is a never ending loop..
    Being nice to stranger is another important tip that I wish more people would follow so we would all live in a much better world!

    • Kay

      Hi Michael!

      I think we ALL are guilty of waiting for the next big thing, but as you said, it is so crucial to focus on the NOW! And I completely agree, imagine how different the world would be.

      However, and maybe I should have included this in my post, but I think it is also important to realize that we are just human and we WILL have bad days! And we shouldn’t feel guilty for that either! 🙂

  • Steve Costello

    Hi Kay, Thank you for this great post. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we couldn’t think of anybody who might benefit from this? There are days when I too drift from the path due to this or that stress and need reminders such as this post. I believe that our default setting is “love” and anything else such as something negative drains our positivity and damages ourselves and the people around us.”Sharing the love” positively affects us and others and makes a difference in ours and the lives of people around us. It has a wonderful cascade effect too. John Hawkins did some great work in this area.
    🙂 Steve C

  • Tatiana

    Hello Kay, congratulations on your post!

    And thank you for being there to remind us about the importance of getting out of our routines and daily problems sometimes and just be nice to each other and appreciate our friends!


  • Sam Savage

    I love your article!
    And I agree wholeheartedly. the amount of times I’ve found myself second in line at a checkout counter and watched the person get retched service… because they’re too sour to say hello!
    Every time I then step up with a smile, and good morning, I can see the relief in the eyes of the person behind the counter. One truly does spread the love when just being nice to those who have to serve you whether they want to or not.
    Have a glorious day and thanks for this great blog.

  • riverdogg

    Thanks for writing this post on how to make positive changes in your life. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I struggle with how to become a better friend and person to the people in my life. At times I can be pretty blunt and sometimes even pretty abrasive in my interaction with others. I don’t mean to be, but it just comes out that way especially during arguments or spirited discussions. Being nicer to people is something I am actively going to work harder on. Thank you for this post, it really is helpful.

  • Rsln

    Hi Kay,
    You begin with an impressive introduction for this topic. Most people today always just waiting for happiness to come around them, while in fact, something like this feeling is something you need to earn.
    It doesn’t matter what kind of joy you’re searching for, but kindness and compassion to others are the keys to this door, even if you do this to animals, you should perceive the presence of this beautiful feeling.
    Anyway, this is an excellent write-up Kay, and keep it up.

  • Success Business Online

    I think one of the good ways to becoming a better person is to be the best version of ourselves.

    It is always important to treat others how we would like to be treated.  That being said, being nice to people is an important life aspect not to be overlooked.

    By just being nice we have the power to make positive changes to people’s life on a consistent basis. Also it is important to cut ourselves away from toxic people that is harmful for our well being.

    Last but not least, self love by being kind to ourselves and others always make our life better.

  • Angleika

    Hello Kay, I love the look of your website and it feels very relaxing and soothing. You are right in pointing out that we all need to try to be more friendly to everybody, I especially felt guilty about marketers who get really on my nerves with their cold calls – but as you say, they are only doing their job! And it is true we should tell our friends that we really appreciate having them in our lives. Do you think that will actually help with anxiety? Would love to hear from you. Angelika

    • Kay

      Hi Angleika! I really do believe it can help with anxiety because I think it makes us feel good to make other people feel good!! It’s almost like a “paying it forward” technique but with just using your words! 🙂 

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