Relaxing Bath Products – 6 Must Have’s Within Your Budget

I am a HUGE bath connoisseur. If there is something available to me that is affordable and allows me to feel a sense of luxury within my own bathtub at home, I have tried it.

I am on a very tight budget so most of the things I use are not very expensive. A lot of the things I have tried have also come from family members and friends for birthday or Christmas gifts, which is a very thoughtful surprise!

I want to share with you my favorite relaxing bath products so you can try them at home to promote your own personal spa-like atmosphere for relaxation!

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1. Bath Salts

This is the most obvious right next to a standard bubble bath product. Epsom salt has so many healing properties that are amazing for your body, they are a must-have! I have tried a dozen different brands of bath salts and can honestly say these here are among the very best due to the amazing quality of their aromatherapy scents. If you don’t already have bath salts in your bath goodies, I recommend trying these.

2. Bath Pillow

I know this might sound a little ridiculous, but if you don’t have a bath pillow and you enjoy taking baths on the reg, you are absolutely doing it wrong.

You HAVE to have one of these, and they are fairly inexpensive which is even better! There is nothing worse than trying to relax in a nice hot bath than getting out with a kinked/sore neck or a bruise on your head.

I hate making decisions and my friend had this bath pillow on her wedding registry so I just ordered 2. I was not disappointed, highly recommend.

3. Face Mask

Yes, gentlemen, this means you too! There is no discrimination when it comes to bath relaxation time and we all need a good facial peel every now and then. I am sharing this specific mask because I have a few friends who are in the beauty industry and they swear by this product!

They use this clay mixed with apple cider vinegar and they put their lives on it being one of the few masks that have ever made them actually feel a difference. I put this to the test, I was shocked that I agreed.

Now, I like a little aromatherapy with my face masks, so I add a few drops of lavender essential oil to my mask. If you’re unsure of which essential oils to get, I have a written on a review on the ones I use here.

4. Skin So Soft

This is an Avon product and I am not currently in connection with someone who sells it directly through Avon, but it is one of my bath must have’s so I have to add it to this list. This is a bath oil that will instantly provide your dry skin with all the moisture it needs. This is especially important for me in the winter months.

Less is more, don’t overdo it or you will come out feeling like a huge grease ball!!

5. Bath Caddy

It took me many years before finally taking the plunge and buying one of these. I thought “what is the point, I can just use the side of the tub for my drink like a normal person”.

I can honestly say I regret not having bought it years ago… it is perfect for reading on my tablet and also having my glass of wine or water set out in front of me. I also am super over the top and like to have snacks in the bathtub with me, so obviously this comes in very handy for that as well.

The candle spot on the caddy is just the cherry on top of this amazing addition to my bath relaxation time. I chose this caddy because it was the most affordable with the best reviews.

6. Rose Petals

I saved this one for last, but it is definitely my favorite. I have spent a lot of my young adult years single and I love to pamper myself! No one is buying me roses or laying them around the house with a trail to the bedroom, so I bring them to myself with these soap roses.

They are great because they are soap, so it’s not like you have to clean up any real rose mess after your done relaxing.

I hope these are things that you feel will help promote relaxation when you’re taking a bath. If you aren’t a bath person, maybe these added perks will turn you into one! They truly are my “me” time and my favorite way to wind down when I’m feeling stressed or just feel like I deserve some time to myself.

I would love to hear your favorite products to you use during your bath time! Please share them in the comments below!





  • Adrian

    Hi. I really enjoyed reading your post. Some very good ideas for when someone takes a bath especially the bath caddy. Be handy to watch Amazon Prime video on my my tablet while having a bath and the epsom bath salts sound real good. On the whole I would like to try everything here. It all sounds great to me. Very enlightening. Thanks.

    • Kay

      That is also something I enjoy! My favorite show is Friends and I love to open it up on Netflix while I’m in the bath relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Janie

    Wow, Kay! This is sensational. I’m just like you and would think I could store a glass of ride wine, my cellphone and speaker on the side somewhere. But with your picture I thought I’d try out the bath caddy. And I have to tell you, it is one of the best things I ever bought for my well-being at home.
    When I get into the warm water, rose petals in it and face mask on, I just would never want to leave it nor run the risk of being electrecuted or adding red wine to the bath….
    Thank you so much for this brilliant idea I would never have thought of!!!


    I have heard nothing but good things about that Indian Healing Clay Face Mask, Everyone I know that uses it likes it. So I’m not a big face mask guy but I have been considering trying it out.

    And the bath pillow seems like a really good gift idea. I guess I never really thought if they existed before but a bath pillow does seem like a good idea. Bathtubs are obviously hard and trying to completely relax in a bathtub is almost impossible because of the head/neck issue you mentioned. I will definitely have to get one.

  • John

    Hello and thank you for this informative post. The bath salt and bath pillow sound very interesting. i have never heard of a bath pillow until reading about it here. I may have to buy them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike

    Hi Kay, you’ve given me some awesome Christmas gift ideas! My better half will love the bath pillow and the soap box of rose petals. She works so hard so it would be great for her to be able to indulge and relax!

    Which item on the list is your favourite or which one could you not live without?

  • Thabo Khoza

    Great article

    As a person who likes having massages and relaxation in the shower this resonates well with me especially the bath salt.

    I am not sure about the face mask though ha ha. it seems more female-like.

    One question: can these be used in a shower as well?

    • Kay

      This particular face mask is probably the most “masculine” one I have ever used just because of the packages – it doesn’t really appear as a super feminine product!

      Are you referring to the bath salts with your question?? They make “shower bombs” that are very similar to bath bombs but they put off the aromatherapy the bath salts provide.

      It really depends on what benefits you are wanting to get from using the bath salts. Most of the healing properties for joints comes from soaking in them, but you can mix them with shower gels and use them as a scrub which is great for your skin.

      You can also get a cup or container of some sort and fill a small amount of bath salts and a small amount of hot water to provide an aromatherapy experience in the shower. They also make shower pouches for a similar experience! 🙂

  • Stevie

    Awesome information Kay! I am always looking to try new bath Items. There is nothing more relaxing than a long hot bath. I will be looking into a bath caddy, it is something that I’ve never thought of.

    Thanks for the great article.

  • Michel

    You have some lovely ways to spend your bathtime and some that I wasn’t even aware of. In fact, the only one I have tried is the Epson salts when my muscles are sore.

    I love the idea of the bath pillow, but don’t you get so relaxed and fall asleep. I would hate to drown in this manner. The other thing I love is the bath caddy as it is useful to have something to rest my book on. The rose petals are also a real luxurious touch to have.

    • Kay

      They are all such amazing products and all so affordable I am so grateful that I found them! They truly do make all the difference when you are trying to make the most of your relaxing bath time! 🙂 

  • Enrique

    Hi, Kay,

    I have a bathtub, but I’ve never used it to take baths lol. When I moved to the U.S., I noticed that pretty much every home had one, but I only use the shower. I’ve been thinking of giving it a try, though.

    I get easily stressed and this looks like something I could try. I’m also on a tight budget, so your recommendations come in handy.

    Is there any chain store in the U.S. that you could recommend? Or can I find any of these products on Amazon?

    i’d like to know. Thanks!!

    • Kay

      Hello Enrique! If you have a bathtub at home I would definitely recommend trying it!! The products I have described here are all on Amazon and can be found by clicking the links here within the post!

  • Strahinja

    I do not use all of the stuff you mentioned in the article. However, I sometimes use bath salts when I really want to relax and usually after a really stressful days. I will give a bath pillow try as well. I think it will make my relaxing experience even better.

  • cordelia nixon

    Kay I came across your website last week, I meant to leave a comment then, I forgot so will do so now. 

    From the very first moment I went onto your website I loved it. The uncluttered clean lines  gives the impression of luxury. I am also a huge fan of white websites. 

    I am a big devotee of pampering bath nights and like to make the whole evening a bit of an occasion. Once a long long time ago I visited a spa for a whole week and the very best treatment was the Bath Treatment which included the most ridiculously overpriced (but gorgeous) candles, bath pillow, aromatic oils then an aromatic massage, in the background and playing quietly were nature sounds, I left the session a new woman and had the most remarkable nights sleep following the Bath Treatment. Since that time I try to recreate the sensation I felt when leaving and what follows is one of the best nights sleep imaginable. 

    Your web site offered me everything I dream of. In addition I have sisters who also like nothing better than to relax in a lavender scented bath. So that’s Christmas sorted. (In fact I had the wish list from one of them only today) and your site would fulfil several of their hearts desires. 

    In addition to my favourite products you also feature several other things for me to try, first is the Rose Petals. An interesting and pretty concept, they are so lovely to look at and artistic I would purchase purely for the aesthetic look of them, never mind they do a job as well. Thats a bonus.. 🙂

    Not sure of the bath caddy however it seems a better place to house my Ipad (which plays the music) together with yet more candles… Maybe I will give the bath caddy a try after all. 

    Once again a beautiful web site and I am glad I found it 


    • Kay

      Hi Cordelia! Thanks for coming back by! 

      I also love to make an occasion of it, and WOW, that sounds amazing!! I would absolutely love to do even a weekend spa getaway but have yet to had the chance to do so. I am so happy to hear you enjoyed visiting my site, I hope to see you back soon! 🙂 

  • Don Levy

    Hi Kay,

    This was a fascinating article, not so much as I use the products mentioned. I will I have used some of the types of products you mentioned. The best thing I found from the article was items I can get my wife or females as gifts. I had my wife read the article, and you are going to cost me some money, as she said she wanted to try everything you were writing about.

    She wanted to know where you found out about all these products. I told her it sounded like you used a lot of these types of things and eventually settled on the ones you described. She was mainly excited about the ” Skin So Soft” as she knows an Avon dealer. The last thing I heard was she was on her way to call her.

    All in all you did a great job with the articles. It was well laid out and easy to read. The descriptions should help boost your sales.

    • Kay

      I can see how these would mostly appeal to women, but I do have a few male friends who enjoy using a couple of these products as well! Hopefully, the ones I’ve listed here are affordable for you and your wife, I always try to find the best deals I can!! 🙂

      I took a chance on these particular products based on reviews and price through Amazon, I am a huge Amazon customer! That is awesome that she already has an Avon rep, I do as well! I think she is really going to enjoy it, it also keeps away bugs in the summer time! 🙂

  • Jeff

    Hi Kay – I enjoyed reading your post. I discovered a few new products that I was not aware of. My two favorites are the Bath Pillow and the Bath Caddy. I completely agree with your comment about trying to have a relaxing bath and then coming out with a sore neck…that is so true. The pillow is a great solution to that problem! I also think the Bath Caddy is pretty cool to have, did not know they existed. Thanks for introducing these two products to me, I think they make great gifts too! Best wishes!

  • Fran

    What a wonderful list!  The things you have listed are excellent choices for making the bath luxurious.  You have listed a few of my favorites, and suggested a few new ones.

    The bath pillow is a really neat idea.  I can see it as a good gift to give a friend.  And the clay — it is really healing for the skin.  When working in a pottery studio a few years ago, I learned the benefits of clay for the body, as it really helped my hands.  

    Another thing we used to do at my homestead in Alaska — we would gather wild rose petals every year to take home to dry and preserve.  To tell the truth, I never thought of using them in the bath.  They make a great addition to a pot of tea.  Now that you have suggested it, I will try it.

    • Kay

      I’m glad you were able to find a few new ideas from my post! These are all perfect for gifts as well especially because of their super affordable prices! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 

  • bijan amid

    Itis a great product and I do believe the product really works and it helps a lot those people who want to take a relaxing bath with bath salt and using bath pillow.

    It helps a lot for making the skin soft and also bath Caddy is a great product for relaxation .

    They also have face Mask which will help with your face skin.

    I got the conclusion that the Company has great products and the products are useful for relaxation while taking the bath

  • Stacy

    These are very clever suggestions to make the most of soaking in the tub.  I am not much of a bath fan, but after reading your post I found myself considering this as an option in my self-care regimen.  I was very drawn to the epsom salts and face mask as great tools to decompress.  With Christmas right around the corner I could see where packaging some of these items together in the bath caddy would be a great gift!

    • Kay

      I have had many people tell me they are not bath people and once they include these small additions they find themselves actually enjoying the bath! It’s a nice alternative to spending loads of money at an expensive spa!

  • Douglas

    I tell you what I am the first one to tell you I only take baths when i’m sick and then even at that I might not.  But as far as all the products you have talked about holy cow I didn’t realize you could get them all.  I think my wife and kids would use that bath caddy and never come out of the bathroom.  I like that you post was very to the point and easy to read.  Keep adding such good information and you will go places with this site.  Thank you and good luck.

  • Linda Cooper

    Epsom salts are great for using in the bath, detoxing too. I tend to shower  because its faster and time is in short supply right now but I used to love to relax in the bath with a good book. This post makes me want to do that again.

    Love the bath caddy idea and that one looks brilliant and it would make a nice gift with some pampering items.

    The soap roses are lovely and would make a gorgeous gift too.

    Thank you for a lovely enjoyable read.

    • Kay

      I can completely understand the time crunch when it comes to taking a bath! I find myself having that same problem. I force myself into the bath when I feel like I truly need that extra “me” time.

  • Stephanie

    I tried salts some years ago and was amazed with the results and how relaxing the moment was and how refreshed I felt afterwards. I never thought about a bath pillow and somehow now I want one. I’m sending this to my aunt as a little hint for what to get me for Christmas. That skin so soft product has me so intrigued but I have a question, is that suitable for all types of skins? 

    • Kay

      Hi Stephanie! I wouldn’t recommend someone with extremely oily skin to use it.. but most people tend to have dryer skin if they don’t moisturize every day, especially in the wintertime. 

      However, it is a great bug repellant so even someone with oily skin may benefit from it in that way! 🙂 

  • Nathaniel

    Hi there  – I’m really not a bath person but after reading this I’m considering it more. Problem is, I’m usually in a hurry so I do showers. Perhaps I’ll change that. I am prticularly interested in the mask and the Skin soft.I am definitely a mask person. Can the skin soft be ordered directly from Avon?

    Thanks for sharing

  • Cathy Allen

    These products look totally amazing! I took the first bath I’ve had in years about a week ago. (Yes, I shower regularly). I’d just like a tub bigger than the one in this apartment. It’s not my bathroom, so I can’t upgrade it. Anyway, I put orange and lemon essential oils with coconut oil in mine. It would have been amazing in a larger tub, but I enjoyed it, anyway. The fragrance and soft skin were worth it. Thank you for sharing these. I’m looking forward to trying the mask. 🙂

    • Kay

      I am constantly dreaming of better days when I have my own house and a HUGE bathtub with all the works (I am also a renter). I haven’t tried coconut oil in the bath but I can imagine it would be similar to Avon’s skin so soft!

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