Weighted Neck and Shoulder Wrap Review – It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Cost: $30-$45

Guarantee: Calming Comfort products have 99-night money-back guarantee

Directions for Buying: The weighted neck and shoulder wraps come in 3 pounds or 5 pounds. They aren’t very clear on how to choose which weight will work best for you, they just suggest to start out with the lesser weight if you are not used to weighted products.

I went ahead with the 5-pound wrap because I wanted to make sure it would be enough weight to help me, and I am 100% satisfied with the weight I chose. I am 5’7” and weight approximately 175 pounds if that helps you!

BONUS PERK: This wrap can be heated in the microwave for an even more relaxing experience. It can also be left in the freezer for about an hour to cool off on hot days!

This wrap is filled with clay beads, flax seed, lavender, and mint leaves.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Here we go, just as promised!!

I came across this product while I was writing a review for a weighted blanket. I was thinking about what I dislike about my weighted blanket and I thought “ya know, I carry most of the stress in my shoulders and my anxiety in my chest, it would be GREAT to have something that just sat on those areas!”.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, my dreams came true! That instant gratification for stress relief fell right into my lap!

Of course, before buying I did some research. I ended up choosing this wrap specifically because of how far down it goes over the chest area paired with its great reviews.

This product basically had 5 out of 5 stars from me before it even landed on my doorstep and I am so pleased to say that I was not disappointed!

The added perk that had me EVEN MORE EXCITED was this products’ ability to be HOT or COLD! It truly is the best of all worlds when it comes to shoulder tension relief.

While I do carry all of my stress and tension in my shoulders, the main reason I was interested in this wrap was to focus the weight therapy on my chest. I explained in the review of my weighted blanket how I have found that when I am feeling an overwhelming amount of anxiety I can place weight on my chest and it provides some much-needed relief! This wrap is just perfect!!


  • Relief of the stress I carry in my shoulders
  • Anxiety relief when I lay the wrap on my chest
  • The weighted therapy has a lasting effect of shoulder relaxation even after removing the wrap
  • The cost was absolutely worth it, I feel as though I got more than my money’s worth
  • The scent provides an even further relaxing experience, I am excited to add my own oils to the wrap once the scent begins to wear off
  • The wrap is a soft velvet which also includes a soft velvet bag for storage


  • I didn’t find it sooner
  • I am only adding this because some people expressed in their reviews that it didn’t stay cold very long. However, this is something I would have already expected and I prefer the heating option for tension relief!
  • It only comes in one color

If you are someone who carries a lot of stress and tension in your shoulders, look no further! If you want to try out my idea for anxiety relief by applying pressure to your chest, this would a great place to start!

I like to think I am the only person who has discovered this weighted neck wrap, but I am sure that’s not the case. Leave your experience or thoughts below! 🙂



  • Mark Bailey

    I spend a lot of time on the computer and struggle with tension around my neck and shoulders. I’ve used heat packs in the past, or tried exercises to unknot the muscles which only helps a little.

    This weighted neck wrap looks good. I particularly like the high collar design which covers the back of my neck and the wide shoulder spread looks like it will sit comfortably & stay in place.

    I just wondered what exactly is inside the blanket ?


    • Kay

      Hi Mark! I also really enjoy the high collar design and it does stay in place! The wrap is filled with Clay Beads, Flax Seeds, Lavender, and Mint leaves. 🙂

  • Max

    Hey Kay,

    I have recently started taking jiu jitsu classes and I have found that I get a sore neck and sore shoulders from time to time from the rolling around on the ground. I was thinking about getting some sort of massage tool but it seems that it might be a better idea for me to get this wrap instead!

    I personally think it would be good for me to use the heated option before I go to class, and then the cold option after the class since my body temperature will already be elevated from the cardio. What do you think?

    Thanks again for the concise review.



    • Kay

      Hi Max!!

      I sometimes have neck pain and soreness as well, primary from stress, and I do use a neck massager when I am really feeling tight. You can get some pretty inexpensive ones, this is the one I use: https://amzn.to/2Noxjvk

      I use the weighted neck wrap for more daily use to help keep my neck from becoming so tight I have to use the massager.

  • Satz

    Hi Kay,

    Very informative post, I am aware of this wrap. My sister had hurt her back last year due to which her upper back and shoulders were always hurting. Her Doc recommended her to use this wrap. She started putting it on her shoulders and it really helped her when she lied down on my tummy and have this on her upper back. Now she is absolutely fine, I remember she used to tell me that scent was very relaxing and it was a perfect fit and weight on her neck and shoulder.

    Looking forward for more such posts.

  • Karen

    Thanks for this review Kay. Even though I’m not under a lot of stress, I do carry stress in my neck and shoulders due to an old injury. I think this weighted neck and shoulder wrap will work well for me when I’m on the computer.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for sharing this review Kay. Now, that I’ve started working online for over a month now, I’m beginning to feel the stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. I’ve tried the heating pad, but it doesn’t stay on properly around the affected areas. But this product is interesting in that you can warm it up in the microwave and that it actually comes down to the chest area and I’m not sure if I’ve seen a product like that before. This is something that might help me out down the road. Thanks again for the great review.

  • Tina

    I had no doubts that this would be exactly what I needed for relaxation and de-stressing, but it exceeded my expectations! I own a weighted blanket but found it difficult to sit up in a computer chair with my blanket, but this solves that issue! Seriously, if I could, I’d wear it every waking second! It does come with a velvet-like bag for safe storing. Definitely a great buy!
    Thank you for the great review!

  • Stephanie

    Wow! The fact that you gave it a 5 out of 5 stars means that the product really is worth it. Not to mention that the price is really affordable. I have never seen anything like this before, though, I am a little concerned on how the weights help? When I’m going through a stressful situation and my body is in pain, heavy things normally make my body ache even more. What sort of process is this? I mean, you hear it, or freeze it, and what do the beans inside of it do?  

    • Kay

      Hi Stephanie! I had never heard of it before either, but comparing it to a weighted blanket and the anxiety-relieving benefits of that, I HAD to have one!! The beads allow for the wrap to be heated up and hold in the heat!

  • Danijel

    Hello Kay, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard about this product last week so I decided to research something about it. I am glad you explained it all, I have very large stress in my shoulders so I feel this will be very relieving. It is pretty affordable and I think it is definitely worth a try.

  • Mike

    I also suffer with a lot of tension around the neck and shoulder area due to working at a computer most days, so have tried many different remedies, some good some not so good. This neck and shoulder wrap looks and sounds interesting. I’m a little taller than you and around the same weight so the 5lbs weight you choose should suit me too. 

    I like the idea of heating it in the microwave for a booster or placing in the freezer on a hot day, great bonus advice there! How long have you had your wrap for and what other remedies have you tried and tested for neck and shoulder relief?

    • Kay

      Hi Mike! I also work at a computer all day and carry all of my stress in my shoulders, so I completely understand! 

      I got my wrap a couple of weeks before I wrote my review so it has been a little over a month since I got it. 

      I have also tried personal massage products purchased online with kneading motions to help with my stress and kinks in my neck. I also highly recommend those and I will be posting reviews about them in the very near future!

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